Victorinox Rescue Tool Swiss Army Multi Tool

Developed for use in rescue operations, the Victorinox Rescue Tool Swiss Army Multi-Tool features a large, locking blade, a 1-hand seatbelt cutter, a bottle opener with a screwdriver/crate opener, a removable window breaker, a glass disc saw for shatterproof glass, a wire stripper and more. The blade has thumb holes for easy 1-hand opening even while wearing gloves, while the contoured, luminescent handle The Rescue Tool has been developed by Victorinox in close collaboration with rescue and safety services. It can be operated with gloves and has luminescent handles. Crate opener and one-hand blade can be locked in place through Liner Lock. 

* Large Locking Blade
* Phillips Screwdriver
* Window Breaker (removable)
* Strong Screwdriver/Crate Opener with:
* Bottle Opener
* Wire Stripper
* Reamer, Punch
* Seatbelt Cutter
* Key Ring
* Tweezers
* Toothpick
* Disc Saw for Shatterproof Glass (removable)
* Luminescent Handles
* Nylon Cord * Nylon Pouch Length: 4 3/8"


SKU:   35590
CATEGORY:   Outdoor / Adventure